Dr. Gašper Košmrlj

Dr. Gašper Košmrlj

Senior Automation Engineer

Excellent software developer and algoritm designer with 10+ years of experience in developing highly complex ICT solutions, assisted by efficient mathematical algorithms, for multiple startups and projects.

Gašper has been tinkering with DLT from 2016 when he started developing tools for assisted trading and direct exchange connections. This effort lead to the role of the key developer for liquidity pool management SW modules, external exchange connections, matching engine and "market making bots" of the exchange core for a crypto exchange.

In last three years, he developed a fully featured event (scientific congress) organization platform that enabled the organization of the second largest Mathematical event in the world. He is also the lead developer of a digital register intended for recording, storing and supporting the proceedings of higher judicial administration in Slovenia.

PhD in Mathematics, University of Ljubljana.

He published 16 scientific papers, cited more than 170 times, mostly on domination games and other topics of graph theory.